Our Story

Our story begins on the Thames river in London. Sanya was a rower for University of Westminster. During one of the many collegian races along the river they were in the holding pattern waiting for their race to be called to line up. It was there in 2003 that we caught each others eyes, and bx it went on like that for almost the entire season until Sanya was able to catch his eye on dry land and a conversation began. We dated a bit, but because of the distance our relationship was more of good friends sharing stories of school, friends and life. As graduation approached Rahul planned to return to India, Rahul didn't have any plans and bx decided to go to India too. It was in Delhi that our friendship turned into a more romantic one...

Ring Ceremony

On wednesday -23 Nov 2015
At 11 Am ,Hotel Hansraj
New Delhi


On Thursday -26 Nov 2015
At 8 pm ,Hotel Park Plaza

CockTail Party

On Friday -20 Nov 2015
At 10 pm ,Hotel Blue and Barrel